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The Choir Warms Up a Chilly Day

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The Ocean Township Intermediate School Choir performed a day concert for the 6th grade students and staff on December 13th. They followed this up with a performance for families and friends at 7:30 p.m. With around 120 students involved this year, Mrs. Kernizan has quite the task cut out for her as she organizes the different grades, tones, and ability levels.

This winter concert featured a trio from Giovanna Failla, Emily Sharp, and Christopher Wilson. Along with that beautiful number,  Ariella Turian and Chloe Snider contributed to one performance, and there were solo performances from Giovanna Failla, Gabriella Campo, and Emily Sharp. Instrumental contributions included Amanda Munoz on the triangle, Sneha Shah with sleigh bells, Eric Scheer on clarinet, Jonathon Mount on cello, Christopher Marrow with the shekere, Amanda Munoz on the hand drum, and Sneha Shah with the djembe. Songs included quite a variety of styles with one sung in Latin, “Dies Irae”; one in honor of Hanukkah, “S’vivon: The Dreydl Song; a song with surprise guest performers, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”; and a traditional South African folk song sung in Swahili, “Babethandaza”.

Mrs. Kernizan and her choir deserve an ovation for their dedication, patience, and display of talent. We look forward to their performances in the future.

The Dance Captains Lead the Choir


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The Choir Warms Up a Chilly Day