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Ask Ally #1:

Hey there, I’m Ally! You can ask me anything and I’ll give you advice. Today’s first question comes from “Subject of Gossip”. He asks:

What should I do if my best friend talks behind my back?

Well, “Subject of Gossip”, good question! You can do many things.. The best thing to do though is to either confront your friend and ask him about the conflict or you could ask an adult for help.Confronting someone in person with no audience will hopefully allow your friend to be more comfortable and honest. Remember how it feels the next time you are around any kind of gossip, and be wise when picking your friends! That’s it for this Ask Ally!

Ask Ally #2:

What happens if I see more than one kid bullying another kid? – Worried Witness


Well “Worried Witness”, it’s quite risky to  handle it on your own. The best thing to do is to go alert your nearest teacher.Being outnumbered is not going to be in your best interest. If you went alone, you would be their next victim. Remember to always be against bullying! That’s it for this Ask Ally!


Ask Ally #3:

What should I do if I find my table at lunch messy with food? – “Left in a Mess”

Well, “Left in a Mess”, nobody likes messy tables. The kids before you should have cleaned up before they left. Now if this is the first, time then just clean it up yourself. If it’s been happening for a long time now, you should tell a teacher or move to another table. Remember to clean up after yourself!