Ocean Township Police Explorers

Julianna Slick

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Ocean Township Police Explorers is a program where kids 13  and older learn the ins and outs that police officers face throughout the day. Kids have meetings bi-weekly on Mondays. While in meetings, they will learn basic techniques such as 10 code, proper procedures for search and seizure, and how to properly make an arrest. Children will receive different ranks based on their leadership and will be interviewed every year. Sometimes officers will even do drill practice for an academy, which lasts for a week overnight where you do extreme workouts and go through training.

Police explorers are also provided with uniforms that are picked up at Lanigans in Shrewsbury. The Uniform costs a total of $130 but is paid half with the post money that is earned for the volunteer work the explorers do through events. Children will be notified when they will have events, like meetings, through the app Remind (if class code is needed, you can contact the Chief). Supervisors will be with the explorers as they work, which would include parking cars, directing traffic, and helping people in any way that is needed.

If you have any questions you can contact Sargent Brenden Bruther who is in charge of this program at the Ocean Township police Department : 732 – 531- 1800