Student Council Interviews with Class of 2025

Ori Rosmarin

While deciding who is most deserving of their vote for student council, most students might not put too much thought into which candidate is most fit to be in a position of leadership. Minimal information is provided regarding what improvements the candidates will bring to our student government. Which is why The Spartan Times has assembled a Q & A with some of the 8th grade candidates. The information below regards what candidates will do if they are elected, why they see themselves fit to be a member of the student council, what issues they want to improve, and who they are inspired by. 

Ryan Abrams-With her position in the Student Council, Ryan suggests the outdoor lunch seating area is expanded, promising more students an enjoyable lunch period. Abrams takes into account the lack of hand sanitizer in the bathrooms, advocating for an improvement that is both covid-friendly and environmentally safe, considering the potential decrease in paper towels if they are to be replaced with more hand sanitizer. Ryan has plenty of experience with the student council, as she organized the Thanksgiving Food Drive and excelled as a member of the student government for two years. She’s helped organize numerous projects and has expressed her admiration of being part of a team. As a representative of the class of 2025, Abrams promises to encourage positivity throughout our schools. “I want to help everyone stay positive during this hard time, and be there for the TOIS students when they need a friend.  While we can’t see each other’s smiles let’s remember to say hello and wave to each other in the halls.” 

Rebekah Robson– Rebekah recognizes the hardships students face on an everyday basis just to pass their classes. As someone who has been homeschooled for four years, Robson can provide advice on how to excel in at-home studies. She wants to give a helping hand for those in need of academic assistance, and what better way than to be involved in the student government? Robson’s goal is to help kids reach their full potential in online school and make learning a more interesting, productive experience. She wants to make a difference regarding how remote learning is affecting students. “I believe that I could help all of the students at TOIS make remote learning more productive and more fun, and student council would be a great way of helping me to do that.” 

Ujala Rehman-Ujala Rehman is determined to bring hope and prosperity through the doors of our school. Even though we’re experiencing our eighth grade year through a screen, she’s dedicated to make our year as memorable as possible. As an experienced American Red Cross volunteer, Rehman wants to spread charitable deeds throughout the school and organize a Santa Run, offering Christmas toys for children who are unable to receive annual presents for the holiday season. Ujala wants to establish a wonderful volunteering initiative for the student body to participate in. “When I was first introduced to ARC (American Red Cross), it was certainly eye-opening, and I would love to bring that feeling of satisfaction that you helped someone today to TOIS.”

Maddie Woodward-Maddie is drawn to working in large groups and prides herself on her ability to imagine new ideas to improve our school. Maddie is inspired by her sister, Ella Woodward, former president of Class of  2023. While her sister was so heavily involved with the student council, Maddie grew an admiration for group activities involving community improvement. As a representative of the class of 2025, Woodward promises to use her admiration of community improvement to make our school a better place. 

Michael Chowning-Michael was inspired by his father to run for student council. He expresses that being a part of the TOIS student government is a wonderful opportunity to improve his school and his community. Chowning is incredibly experienced for the position, as he’s been a key member of the student government for two years and served as last year’s treasurer. Michaels slogan, “Common Sense During an Uncommon Time” displays his goal of providing a sense of logic during such an abnormal time. While he values improving his community, Chowning is also very fond of the social opportunity student council provides, and takes great pride in the team he’s been a part of for the last two years. 

Connor Tongring-Connor is completely dedicated to making our school a better place for all. He possesses extraordinary leadership qualities and has a goal to resolve any imperfections our school contains. His compassionate and kind mannerisms make him a wonderful candidate to represent our school. Tongring contains such selflessness that he is willing to put the fate of our school before himself and become a role model for those in need of assistance. He prides himself on treating everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve and hopes to see the rest of the school contain the same compassion. “I want to be on the student council to make OTIS a better school.”