Perspective of Dance Class from Behind the Screen

Ujala Rehman

You would anticipate dance class to be about taking time to learn easy to difficult choreography. Well, it’s not exactly that. It is about what dance truly is and embracing it. At first, I was hoping to learn exhilarating dance steps so that putting the class as my second elective choice would pay off. Instead, I got taught the beautiful art of dance, gained much confidence, and met incredible people. I never visualized myself editing I-Movies of my friends and then having the courage to present the video with the rest of my class. I had a blast connecting with my teacher and peers whilst still remote learning. 

It is necessary for me to give kudos to Mrs. Schultz, who proved to be the highlight of my day every time I was engaged in her class, even during this strange time. You will always find the positive ambiance Mrs. Schultz added daily to her teaching. Unfortunately, I never got to experience what it was like to dance on the cafeteria stage with her and my friends. But somehow, Mrs. Schultz found a way to include me and the other remote students in the craft. When directions were given, other online learners and I sprang up to our feet to interact with each other. Through this experience, I self-learned to use apps like I-Movie, discovered how dance can be for everyone, including those who are not passionate about it, and it brought a new perspective to my mind of how enlightening dance is.