Mr. Huston Talks About the IMC


Oliver Evans

Mr. Huston, the guybrarian extraordinaire, was excited to share some information about the IMC. He said that the IMC actually stands for Instructional Media Center. Also, if you ever noticed,  there is a Writers Wall of Fame in the IMC that has the names of sixteen people on it. All of them are either teachers or local authors. To get onto the Wall of Fame, you have to do something to help kids in need. The Writers Wall of Fame was put up in 2009.

Mr. Huston has been working in the school for six and a half years now. He loves his job because he gets to share really fun ideas with classes because he likes to work with kids and technology. He says it’s the best job in the world.

Two of his favorite books are “Barbarian Days” and “Damian”. He loves to read in his hammock in his back yard and on the beach.

 Right now, Mr. Huston and his colleagues are working on Steam Tank presentations for a projects. You may see him visit your class in the future to help out on the technical end for a project as well.