OTIS Ghoul Ball

Oliver Evans

Ghouls are having a ball in Ocean Township for a fundraiser. The fundraiser is to help homeless zombies. The ghouls are inviting a lot of monsters, plus 5 main royals: King of Skeletons, Queen of Spiders, King of Reapers, Queen of Rats, and lastly The Royal of Halloween. 

All these monsters have to pay 5 dollars for a ticket, and 1 dollar for food and drinks. Some of the food they will have there are pig flesh in a blanket, pb & j, which stands for parrot brains and jellyfish. They will also have fruit punch with a special ingredient, which you don’t want to know what it is. Witches will conjure up some delicious soup, and the skeletons will put some spice in it. 

They spent a whole day setting everything up for the huge ball. Finally, it was time. Monsters came flooding into the ballroom. A giant mix of skeletons, witches, spiders, and more. Some monsters went straight to the floor, and some were dancing. Then, the five royals came. The King of Skeletons(Sam), the Queen of Spiders(Oprah), the King of Reapers(Jack), the queen of rats(Jessie), and the royal of Halloween(Larry). They sat in their thrones, while their servants served them food. The DJ played all types of songs. Ghouls said he was a skeleton who was crazy, and never got tired. He was fun to be around, but sometimes, he talked way too much. The best dancer out there was a skeleton, who could do flips, and somersaults. Everyone was having a great time at the ball.

There are a few ghouls running the ball. One said, “I think this ball is a total success. These zombies will no longer be homeless.”

Another told the skeleton what they were wearing. She said, “The witches created it for me. It’s a little bit of unicorn fur, with mostly lizard skin.” The dress was golden and green. The skeleton said that it was very cool.

The last ghoul he interviewed said “My whole goal was exactly this. This is exactly what I wanted. If you want to know, I am wearing a shirt made from dragon fire and my shorts made of human bones.”