Splatoon: Before You Play the Game

Deion Simmons

The age range for this game, Splatoon, is for  people 7 or older. In this game, the purpose is trying to win turf wars, make money and find any secrets going on. The game allows you to choose the player you want to be. They are all sea creatures transformed into humanoid people. Your choice increases when you beat the DLC. You can also dress up your customized player. For Example: You are surrounded by other players and you need to think fast and get away from the situation you are in. This helps your problem-solving in a quick manner.

Kids who are interested in paintball and tournaments might be interested in this game. You could compare this to real life paintball. This game is a perfect game for interested 7 year-olds and paintball players. Both boys and girls would enjoy it, therefore I rate it 4 stars out of 5.