6th and 7th Grade Girls’ Soccer at OTIS

6th and 7th Grade Girls Soccer at OTIS

Christina McKenzie

 Mr. Miller is a 6th+7th grade girls’ soccer coach at OTIS. His home games and practices are on the first soccer field next to the field hockey field. Every year soccer starts right after the beginning of the year and ends the last week of October. Any student who is interested in this sport and is good in academic standing. can join.

“We are led by our 7th graders, but we do have some talented 6th graders who have come in and really done a great job.”

Mr. Miller started playing soccer when he was four, then played through senior year of high school. This is Mr. Miller’s 12th year at Ocean. If you join soccer next year,  some things that you should bring or wear to soccer are athletic clothing, shin guards,  soccer socks, cleats.