Trending Winter Fashion For Teens


Mikayla Murphy, Journalist

Wondering what to wear during the winter months, but still want to look trendy? I got you! So here are some of the trendiest winter fashion tips!

First up, bright colored puffer jackets are really in! They make a great bold statement to your outfit and keep you warm too!

Next, sweaters are always a trend during winter, but you can upgrade it by adding gems and other designs! You can also have different colors, from neon orange to a dark blue!

Camo pants are another trend! They look very good with a black top/sweater.

Goodbye beanies, hello furry hats! Furry hats are a must this season. You can get all different types of fuzzy hats, like a fuzzy bucket hat!

Finally, cozy boots, like Uggs for example, are a great solution to look nice, and be comfortable at the same time! You can choose from a variety of colors online too, to fit the aesthetic.

These tips should hopefully help you for the next time you go shopping! Have a nice day, and happy shopping!