Dear Luna (1)


Dear Luna,

I’m a 6th grader, and I just failed a test. My grade has dropped to super low, from a 89 to a 79! What should I do?


Stuck in My Grades


Hi, Stuck in My Grades,

Don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to get your grades back up again. First, check if your teacher has any extra credit assigned. Even the tiniest bit always helps. You can also try your best in the rest of your assignments. Assignments earn you more points, and the higher grades in your assignments you earn, the higher your grade will be! Also, if there is a make up test at any point, participate in it! Trust me, you will do a lot better, and maybe get your grade back up! Finally, you can also study when there is another test. You don’t want your grade to go back down again after all of your hard work! Well, good luck!