Ms. Gissubel’s Guinea Pigs


Michael Chmura

Ms. Gissubel, the 6th grade science teacher has recently adopted guinea pigs. The guinea pigs were going to be surrendered, but she was able to take them in from a friend. The guinea pigs are named Hershey and Reeses, and they are both female. Ms. Gissubel said her students are very interested in the guinea pigs. For some, it’s the only experience they have had with a pet, so it’s a nice opportunity for them to see what responsibilities go into caring for one. She plans on teaching students how to care for a living animal and how to train them. The guinea pigs have many toys and she plans on doing STEAM projects by making more toys or environments for them to play in. They can be found in room 603.

                              Reeses                                                                                 Hershey