Dear Luna (4)

Luna, Advice Journalist

Dear Luna,

I have been doing well in all of my assignments lately, and have good grades, but I still stress about my grades. I get afraid that they are going to drop, and get really upset if my grade drops by just a point. Can you give me some advice to help me feel better about the situation?


Stressing My Grades


Hi Stressing My Grades,

I seem to feel like this sometimes too. It’s hard sometimes not to get upset if your grade drops. My best advice is to try your best with whatever you can, and to try not to be afraid. I’m sure you’re doing great in all of your classes, and if your grade drops just a little bit, so what? It shouldn’t be a biggie. I know this is hard to try to do, because I try to do this too. But just know that you are doing great, and people will be proud of you if you try your best.

Hope this helps,