Dear Luna (6)

Luna, Advice Journalist

Dear Luna,

I am kind of in a crisis. All of my grades are a 96 and above, except for my band class, which I have a 92 in. I want to make high honor roll, and I don’t want my parents to be upset that I didn’t get high honor roll like I always do. What should I do? And what if I don’t get high honor roll?


Grade Stress Problems


Hi Grade Stress Problems,

I get how you want to impress your parents and get high honor roll, but just know that you don’t have to get high honor roll every marking period! Your parents are still going to be proud of you as long as you tried your best. Your grades aren’t everything, even though you may think that they are. Try to focus on things that you love as well as your grades! It will help, and may change your mind. And who knows, not stressing as much about your grades may even get your grades up above a 96!

Hope this helps,