Latest Summer Fashion for Teens

Mikayla Murphy, Journalist

Need help looking for trending fashion this year for summer? Well, these 5 trends will give you an idea of what the latest “thing” is.

The first trend is oversized clothing. During summer, you definitely need to stay comfortable, as well as chic. So, this trend definitely benefits you in the long-coming. You can get all different types of oversized clothing as well to fit your style, such as hoodies, t-shirts, and jumpers, for example. This trend is totally a win-win.

The next trend is day dresses. Day dresses are easy to pick out, and you can easily pair one with jewelry and a pair of flip-flops. If you’re more into flowy dresses, then day dresses are perfect because they are comfortable, chic, and trendy (bonus!).

This next trend takes us on a trip down memory lanes…to the 70’s! That’s right, 70’s font is back in style, and better then ever. You can find a lot of 70’s print clothing on Shein, Pacsun, and other clothing stores.

Next, we all love pretty, funky rings! You can get ones with patterns, different colors, shapes, or sizes! They really do help to complete an outfit and definitely make a statement! I would recommend rings with summer-type prints, including fruits, hearts, and thicker-type rings. They would definitely add bling to your outfit.

Last (but certainly not least), graphic hoodies are a must for this summer! They are the perfect cover-up for the beach, and even give good advice on them (if they have a quote on it, of course). They also are really comfortable, and you can wear them all the time! Definitely a win for this summer. (This is my favorite summer trend for sure!)

Well, I hope this article helped you have a good idea of what to wear this summer. I know that it definitely helped me too, so I hope you like these tips! Watch out for more summer articles, and thanks for looking at this article!