Clubs, why or why not

Azlaan Hassan, Author

Did you know that joining a club can improve your brain and make you smarter. Joining clubs can help you become more focused and can improve your grades. If you don’t have any friends, clubs are the right place to go!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Clubs are a place where everyone can enjoy and experience new things! Like building or studying something that is interesting. You can even improve your memory or experience things that you didn’t even know that you were good at. Joining a club can build your respect for yourself and other people. It can also help you learn about teamwork. This can affect many people in a good way, by learning, improving skills, making your brain smarter, making new friends, avoiding bad behavior, improving your grades in school and you can learn how to build different things, and as time goes on you can learn how to build things faster. Clubs teach you the proper way to do things, and most importantly you learn from your mistakes. 

With that being said, there are a lot of controversies with being in a club. There is pressure that students feel to join a club while trying to keep up with school work and grades. There could be a financial strain on some parents to have their children in these clubs. This issue affects students and their parents the most. Students feel like they have to belong to a club or a sorority to fit in. Parents are forced into supporting their children’s decisions. This can all be solved with a little effort from the school because this is where clubs start. An adjustment of school work will probably help students maintain their grades as well as be able to participate in any extracurricular activities. Also, being able to help parents who cannot financially support these clubs should also be an option. Having an undisclosed organization within the school to monetarily support these families would be a great asset.

At the end of the day, this will be a win-win situation if we have some cooperation from the school, students and parents to make these clubs succeed.