No Need For Homework!

Lilly Clark, Author

You’ve just finished a long day of school. You had tests, group projects, and had to run the mile. The bus ride home was even more treacherous. You even got hit in the head with a giant eraser from someone in the back of the bus! Then, to top it all off, you finally sit down to relax and you have a pile of homework to start. Homework is just a very annoying, unnecessary part of our day.

Homework is a big problem in kids’ or teens’ lives. According to a study by The Better Sleep Council, it explained that 74% of teens are stressed out about the demands of homework. Kids and teens shouldn’t have to go through this. They already sit and do work for 6-7 hours almost everyday, so why should they have to go home and do more work for 1-4 more hours? This is just a dreadful act that teachers do to students.

This issue affects so many students’ lives. Kids and teens shouldn’t have to wake up and think “Wait did I do my homework last night?!” or “I wonder how much homework I’ll have today, and will I have time for it?” Some parents and adults might think this problem is not a big deal, but the truth is it’s a huge issue. For some kids homework is a good amount of their grade, so if they don’t have time, they could be missing out on sports, scholarships, and even family time! A study from Stanford showed that students who do a lot  of homework experience more stress, physical health problems, and a lack of balance. If you want to help solve this problem you can tell a trusted adult or teacher how you are feeling, and maybe write your own editorial to show them.

In conclusion, homework can hurt your mental and physical health, so the next time your teachers give you a pile of homework, tell them to read this and think again.