Why should you be limiting your social media time

Gabriella Dorko

Do you love social media? Do you love being on your phone? If you do this might be a message you need to hear. Social media is a great tool  when it comes to communicating. Social media also has its downsides. Social media can cause stress, anxiety, depression and much more. You can even experience bad thoughts. Many people have had bad thoughts due to pictures of other people, and the hate they get on their posts.

If you post the wrong things it could decrease your chance of having a higher paying job. Most jobs look at the client’s social media, and if they see something they don’t like, they can decline you immediately. Social media can also make you insecure from seeing all of those pictures of model type people, or they could make you jealous. For example if they were on vacation or in a mansion or even with a celebrity they may wonder why you have all that. 

Here are some tips on trying to stay safe online.

  • Create safe passwords.
  • Limit your time on social media
  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Be careful about what you post
  • Don’t give your address phone number out to anyone.

Make sure to be safe online no matter the platform while you enjoy your videos and memes.