Are assigned seats good in class?

Kal Farman, Author

Picture this: you’re sitting in class and the bell rings. You are so excited to see your friend because you guys sit next to each other in your next class, but when you get there your teacher says, “NEW SEATS!” You get a seat across the room from your best friend.  You think, is this good or bad? You decide it’s good. 

Assigned seats is a controversial issue because many people have mixed feelings about it. Some people don’t like them because maybe they want to sit next to their best friend, and other people do like assigned seats because kids learn. says that teachers use assigned seats as learning advantages since the students aren’t distracted by their friends. says  that students make more friends with assigned seats because they aren’t sitting next to someone they know. For instance, when kids don’t sit next to their friends their grade goes up by 10%. Assigned seats keep classrooms under control by making the seats spread out. The students, when not near their friends, are calmer.

Instead of getting annoyed about assigned seating, just embrace it. Know that the teacher is doing this to make the learning experience better for him/her and for each student.