Family time: Why you should spend time with family

Lexie Gallo, Author

Is family time important?  In New Jersey, kids sometimes don’t hang out with their family enough. But before I tell you why I think family time is important some people, aka me, think people should know a few things. 

You should always have family time and hang out with your family for bonding and for having fun. The first reason why people should hangout with family is because it increases happiness and satisfaction. Studies have shown that spending time with family can help reduce stress and anxiety, lead to a healthier lifestyle, and lengthen your life. Family gives you motivation to be the best version of yourself. 

You should spend about 45 minutes to one hour daily with family and four to five hours during the weekends. This depends on convenience and the family’s schedules obviously. 

Family problems can add stress to a child’s emotions and contribute to loss of focus or acting out at school. Consequently people should hang out with their family more often for all the good benefits. However, if your family is making you stressed, just try to be honest and calmly talk to them about it. 

Even if on your way to your soccer game or even when you are having dinner, use the time to catch up and talk.  Every bit of time counts and can be used as a time to connect, get advice or vent about issues going on in your life.