What is important for students to learn

Anonymous, Author

Middle school curriculum should be adjusted so that it teaches us skills we need for real life or emergencies. Let’s say one day you get to your class and see you’re learning about a new topic in social studies. The teacher writes the topic on the board: “The Titanic.” You say, “Why are we learning about the Titanic, Mrs.Digiorno?” She answers your question, but you’re still confused about how you will use this in real life. We should teach kids what they need to know to live in the future and we need to get them motivated to do it.

The Top Ten said that math and science are the most needed subjects to learn in school. In addition, Hackspirit said that schools should teach Physical survival skills and Mental survival skills. Also The Washington Post said making good friend choices is the best skill that school teaches you.

What I’m trying to say is, school should teach you more information you need to know to live when you’re older. Honing in on a skill now would benefit us, so let’s start learning what we will need for our future careers now. The world in the future will have this generation, so let’s stand up and teach them what’s right, not wrong.