Tips to get through school organized

Jayce Spears, Author

Imagine this, you left your book in your locker and you can’t see where it is. You have to get to your class in a minute and a half, and you need your notes to study for your test that is today, and you didn’t study. These are some effects on not being organized. 

According to, being organized is particularly important since it helps you learn how to prioritize activities, set and achieve goals and reduce stress. So if being organized means you can reduce your stress, you’d better be organized, and everything will be easier. According to general lack of organization causes students not to be prepared for class, which in turn causes failing grades. This can also give students high stress levels by being late for class and not knowing where their work is.

All of these examples are something most students need to work on, especially the organized kids, because one day, an organized kid can be messy, and some messy kids could be tidy. The next day, it can go back to how it was. Organization also helps in optimum utilization of financial and human resources. So everything has to be neat and organized in order to have enough money for food, and other things you need.

So if you aren’t organized, you should consider reading this again, and start cleaning your locker out. You should name sections in your binder, and make your peers proud of you. You can even just get good grades by easily being organized. What are you waiting for? Go clean your locker!