NFL today

          The NFL is an organization with some of the best football players in the world. This season has been exciting so far. Firstly, one prediction is that the Bills will be going against the Eagles in the Superbowl.  These two teams have amazing players such as Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and Bills receiver Stefon Diggs.  On the other hand, the Eagles also have some great players such as quarterback Jalen Hurts and center Jason Kelce. These teams are in this position because they have some of the best records in the NFL. The Eagles record is 12-1, the Bills is 10-3.  The last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl was 1993 when the Bills played the Cowboys and lost 30-13.  The last time the Eagles were in a super bowl was 2018 when they played the Patriots and won 41-33.

     The two worst teams in the NFL today are the Texans and the Bears. These two teams have under 5 wins and are in the running for the number one draft pick to get Bryce Young or C.J. Stroudall, two of the greatest players in college. 

     The most underrated teams in the NFL are the Jets and Lions. These teams can easily turn their seasons around. They might be able to make the Super Bowl, but the chances are very low.  If the Jets or Lions make the Super Bowl there is a low chance of them winning.  The Lions should be watched, especially because they just came off of a big win against the Vikings. The Lions and Jets also have very easy games for the rest of the season.  This can help them make the Playoffs or Wildcard.