Artemis Landed

Artemis Landed

     Artemis is a spacecraft that is in a testing phase, and the plan is to launch it eventually with the first African American woman to land on the moon. Artemis is a robotic-human, which is a robot that takes place of  humans. This last launch and exploration was only a planned test to see what might malfunction.

     When returning, Artemis will land in the ocean off of San Diego by using a parachute to slow it down, and as it floats, the Navy will pick it up.

     Also, the mission of Artemis is to gather information in order to learn the true history of the earth.  NASA hopes it will help expand the U.S. economy by using information gathered to possibly create a new currency and sell the knowledge to other countries. On top of that, all of the information could hopefully be used to send astronauts to mars! Sadly this was only a test and the real Artemis with people will be launching in the future.

      This mission cost 93 billion dollars and counting. The State of Washington and sponsors are funding it because these helpers will get first access to the information that NASA learns.

      Artemis is controlled by the guidance and control of the solid rocket boosters, core stage, and ICPS engine. NASA agents control Artemis from their desks/consoles and are staffed 24/7.

    This mission returned Artemis on December 11, 2022.