A Review On Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a feature film made by The Walt Disney Company. The story is about a rat named Remy who loves to cook. He found his love of cooking from a chef named Gusteau, but he learns Gusteau is dead. Eventually he got caught living in an old person’s home with his family, so he and his family had to flee before they got killed by the old woman. He and his family ended up fleeing, but Remy got separated from his family and ended up in Paris. In Paris Remy meets Linguini and they become friends, and Remy realizes that when he is on top of Linguini’s hair, he can control him to help him cook very well. Later Remy learns that Linguini is Gusteau’s son, so Remy takes a paper to Linguini so he can learn that he is Gusteau’s son. Then Linguini owns the restaurant and he becomes the manager, but they get shut down due to a rodent problem. However, they make a new restaurant called Ratatouille.

Ratatouille has a 96% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and 87% from audiences that have scored Ratatouille. Our personal rating is 9.5/10. You can watch Ratatouille on Disney Plus and Prime Video. Critics think it’s a good movie because it is very accurate  with the culinary details and the stunning graphics as it is one of the first Pixar movies.

The lesson of the movie is  to try things that might not work because Remy learned new recipes by trying new things. Most kids will like this movie since it is geared toward them, and parents will like it because of its witty jokes.