Fun things to do for your first time at Disney

Fun things to do for your first time at Disney

Lexie Gallo, Kelsie Craig, Authors

When people are looking to travel to Disney, it’s important to have a plan. Following are some suggested things to do while at Disney that will save you time.

The top rated rides to go on at Disney are 1. Seven Dwarves’ Mine Train 2. Space Mountain 3. Splash Mountain 4. Peter Pan’s Flight and last at number 5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. My personal favorite is Space Mountain or the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 

It’s definitely to important to look for the best rated rides for children as well. The top five best rated Disney rides to go on if you are scared or afraid of bigger rides are 1. Jungle Cruise, 2. Pirates of the Caribbean, 3. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, 4. Haunted Mansion, and in last at number 5 is It’s a Small World. My personal favorite is the Avatar ride on a bike with the VR goggles.

The next thing you should do when you go to Disney is to go on the top rated restaurants. The top rated restaurants at Disney are 1. Be Our Guest, 2. Magic Kingdom Park, 3. Wine Bar George, 4. Disney Springs, and finally Topolino’s Terrace.

When visiting Disney, you also need to decide which of the theme parks you’d like to visit. People’s most favorite theme park to go to according to Google is Magic Kingdom without a doubt, which is my favorite too, but I like it much better at nighttime when the castle is lit up and you can see the fireworks.

Then when you’re at Disney, you should stay at the most top rated hotel. The top hotels at Disney are Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Walt Disney World Dolphin.

 The second to last thing to do at Disney is to prepare before you go. These are some things you should prepare for, 1. prepare for the weather, 2. get a fast pass, 3. bring snacks and water, just in case, 4. go early so you can avoid the crowd, and finally number 5 don’t pay for photos.

Finally the last thing that you should do in Disney is find other activities to do. The top five things to do at Disney World that don’t involve rides or food are 1. Ride the sky liner 2. rent swan paddle boats at the swan, dolphin, and swan reserve 3. rent a sea racer or a mouse boat 4. rent a kayak to go kayaking and lastly 5. you can play miniature golf. By reading this article you can find good places and fun things to do during your first time at Disney.