Movember Winners!!!

Gabriel Hesbach, Article Writer

This November, some male teachers at Ocean Township Intermediate competed in “Movember: Where No teachers shave.”  There was a lot of fun had by all, but 3 teachers made it to the top.

In first place was (drum roll please) Mr. Singleton!!! In 2nd place was  Mr. O’Neill!! And 3rd place went to Mr. Lezmi! Since Movember, most of the contestants have already shaved their beards. Mr. Singleton, who won for a second year in a row, made his beard like the Joker’s lip makeup. It was very funny to see causing many students to laugh so hard when they saw him! All proceeds were given in the form of gift cards for local families in need, which was the perfect timing for the holidays. The Spartan Times would like to thank all participants for making this possible including Mr. Pawlak, Mr. Lab, Mr. Amato, Mr. Huston, Mr. Desimini, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Jahoda, Mr. Egger, Mr. Klinger, and of course our top 3 contestants.