Great but underrated


Addison Boling, Author

Why are underrated movies underrated? It’s because they’re so good and get no attention or at least not enough. These are some of the best movies that are underrated. 

Enchanted is such an epic movie. Enchanted is a Romantic-Comedy that is for all ages. This movie is about an animated world with a Snow White-like girl. When she finds her prince, his mother, the evil queen, sends her to a world with no love at first sight. She has to figure out how to manage in this new strange world. People love this movie because it’s funny and warm hearted, but when she comes to this world where there is not love at first sight, she doesn’t know how to act. Enchanted is a 2007 classic that takes an audience out of their seats. Make sure you watch this on Disney Plus or Prime video.

Next, an original show, Kim Possible, turned into a movie, not even a cartoon. If you have not watched this yet, finish reading and get on Disney plus! Most people love this for the goofy characters and a  heartwarming ending. This is a go-to movie! It’s an Action-Comedy. In the movie, Kim and her best friend Ron start high school and befriend the new girl, Athena. At first Athena is kind of shy and not confident, but, with Kim’s help, she transforms into the newest member of Kim possible. For those who don’t know the show, Kim is a superhero without powers and Ron helps her with tech and missions.

Last, and last for a reason, because it’s amazing! Drum roll please… Aladdin! You may be thinking Aladdin isn’t underrated, but it is. It’s probably been a long time since most people have seen it. It’s a fun comedy about forbidden love. Who wouldn’t like it!? 

These movies are either fading away or are just not there yet. Soon people will say “What’s Aladdin?” , “What’s enchanted?” and even “What’s Kim Possible?” Let’s not let this happen to these underrated classics.