11-13 year old girl holiday ideas

11-13 year old girl holiday ideas

      Having trouble figuring out what you want for the holidays? Well, here we are giving you ideas all the way from shoes and clothes to makeup.

      Now you ask, what clothes should I get? We are going to talk about some nice clothing brands you and your girls should get for the holidays. According to complex.com, some popular clothing brands are Louis Vuitton, New Balance, Supreme, Lululemon, and North Face. Lululemon can be found as dupes. Some of the dupes are  Colorful Koala Yoga pants, Dragon Fit Joggers, CRZ Long Sleeve Shirt, Blooming Jelly Quick-Dry Running Shorts, Lemedy Sports Bra, CRZ Long Sleeve Workout Shirt, QUEENIEKE Define Jacket, and Heathyoga Biker Shorts. Casetify dupes is a website that has phone cases, air pod cases and Apple watch cases, Golden Goose dupes and many more. You can find these dupes on amazon and on withlovefromcourtney.com You’re probably thinking, what are some good shoes to ask for? Here are some top shoes today: Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Burberry, ASICS, Vans, Converse, and Reebok, which are all the top shoe brands found on zippia.com.

     Now here’s some makeup and self care products that will blow your mind. These are the most popular right now: Glow Recipe, Drunk Elephant, Tinted, Dae, Laneige, Fenty Beauty, Studio Fab, and Pacifica, according to popsugar.com. These skin products and makeup are truly amazing.

      Here are some of the most popular gift ideas for friends: necklaces, a picture frame of you and your friend, makeup, custom bracelets, or candles. You can find this on bestproducts.com. A few last things that teens will want to unwrap this year according to popsugar.com are waterproof fairy lights that have clips to hang pictures, Sushi sox box, Airpods pro, Nike air force ones,  and Claw clips.

In conclusion these are some great clothes, shoes, and makeup for teen girls that will help you for your holiday list.