Coping With Stress

Maggie Kelly, author

Picture this… You are walking into a store or school or something, and then you get really stressed. You aren’t going to sit down and start meditating on the floor. What are you going to do???  Stress is important to deal with.

Stress is a problem. It is a problem for more then just adults. Unlike adults, kids get stressed about homework and stuff related to school. Adults get stressed about being on time to work and getting their kids where they need to be. Even retired people get stressed. They need to take care of themselves, their kids, and grandkids. 

The best way to manage stress is take care of yourself. If you want to have a relaxed body, you need to have a healthy body. If you get stressed daily, the best thing to do is relaxation training. Tighten up your muscles from the toe up, and then let loose and relax. When you’re in public and you get really stressed, I highly recommend either having a stress ball or putty. Sometimes having a friend with you can help, as long as it is a true friend that you can trust. 


Try these techniques, and if they work make sure you tell a friend.