A Ranking of all the Taylor Swift Albums

J. K.

With the eras tours officially started, I am going to rank all of Taylor Swift’s albums. This is based off my personal opinions.

10. Debut

This album is fine but I just enjoy this album the least.

9. 1989

Once again this one is fine but I just don’t enjoy it a lot

8. Fearless T.V.

I think her album got better but I just don’t like it a lot.

7. Speak Now

It’s a good album but until T.V. of the album is released it’s staying here.

6. Folklore

It’s a good album. I just don’t have an opinion on it.

5. Midnights

I love this album, but some songs are overrated.

4. Red T.V.

Red T.V. has Taylor’s best music video of all time: All too well, 10 minute version.

3. Reputation

This album has some absolute bangers: like “Ready for It” and “I Did Something Bad”.

2. Lover

Once again, all the songs are bangers. She does an amazing job of mixing slow dance songs with banging your head songs.

1. Evermore

My underrated Queen. All the songs are underrated like “Champagne Problems” and “No Body No Crime”.